Passion for Prison

Mission Statement:
to edify and evangelize as an independent ministry, as well as with others,
to those who are presently, previously and/or potentially incarcerated.


Encouragement and prayer is the most important part of our
ministry with volunteers and funding coming in at
a close second.

Passion for Prison Inc (PfP) goes into Hernando Correctional Institution
weekly on Thursdays (March will be our second year of visiting). We share the chapel with Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship who are in
HCI 4 times a year and the Catholic's Kairos who are in HCI 2 times a
year. In 2004, Passion for Prison Inc will have been in HCI 41
times. The inmates say we come rain or shine, even through hurricanes and
it's true. Our consistency speaks not only to the inmates but some of the
prison officials have been reached for Christ as well through our

FYI - There were 53 Thursdays in 2004
Passion for Prison only missed six possible visits - one due to being in
prison with the Bill Glass Champions for Life and one for being out to go
to a half-way house dinner and four weeks to get ready for and go on our
wedding and honeymoon.

In 2003 Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were all on Thursdays and we
were in on those holidays as well. It was hard to leave our families
during these times of the year but it is consistency that speaks volumes
and specially during holidays.

Thank you to all who are praying for us!!

Jessica and Scotty
Passion for Prison, Inc.
PO Box 273721
Tampa, FL 33688-3721
Matthew 25:36


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